Several years ago a movie was made depicting a terrible storm in the waters of the Northeastern United States and titled the killer storm as a perfect storm.  The idea being that conditions were right for a storm of incredible power.  I want to use that term in a positive way.

Sometimes a church can get into a perfect storm of growth and development.  Just as a storm is enhanced by different temperatures currents and high and low pressure systems.  Churches have factors that enhance them to grow dramatically.  I want to list a few and see if any of these things are true at the church where you serve or where I serve.

1. A growing population in the immediate area.

2. A drive path with heavy traffic passing by the church property

3. Attractive grounds and parking lots visible from the drive path

4. Capability to communicate with those who pass by changeable message board or sign

5. Great unity within the church

6. Staff stability and credibility and strong lay leaders and teachers

7. An atmosphere of prayer and praise within the worship services

8. Greeting carried on both outside and inside the church

9. Adequate space for growth

10. Outstanding music and clear biblical messages

It is not so much the order of these things that matters as the ingredients.  This is quite a recipe for growth.  It points toward the possibility of a perfect storm of growth.

Dan Wooldridge

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