A Great Step of Faith

Sunday night we approved by a vote of 208 to 2 to develop our site and build a new educational building.  The estimated cost is 4.5 million dollars.  We have moved toward this decision through some of the most difficult economic times in the history of our nation.  By stepping out in faith at this time, we are saying that the Lord is worthy of our best.  Over four hundred households have already given toward this building project even before we had officially voted to do it.  Many have been waiting to see if the work would actually begin before they gave.

I was thinking about the rebuilding of the Temple in Jerusalem after the captivity in Babylon.  Those were desperate economic times.  They were also times of external opposition.  Many were skeptical and thought there must be a better time to build.  Check Haggai for details.  Building a building for the glory of God is an act of worship.  It is one of the ways that we call attention to the importance of the task in which we are engaged.  Great days are ahead!

Dan Wooldridge

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