One of the greatest moments that I experienced in Richland Springs happened after we had already moved on to Mason.  It was a moment when I got a glimpse of the overall impact the Lord had allowed us to have in that small community.  I was asked to come back and give the graduation address to the seniors of 1979.  The salutatorian was a young man whom I had discipled who now intended to serve in ministry and does so to this day.  The Valedictorian was a young woman whom I led to receive Christ one night when she confessed to thoughts of suicide and self destructive behavior.  She stood before a packed house from the community and shared her testimony of salvation through Jesus Christ.  It was clear and powerful.  She gave full credit to the Lord for her success as a student when things could have turned out tragically had he not come into her life.  It was so easy to speak after that testimony.

When I think about how our nation has changed and that such an event is almost unimaginable today, I want to cry.  I believe in the freedom of speech.  Americans have nothing to fear from free speech.  They have much to fear from its suppression.

Dan Wooldridge

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