This past year has been a blur. Between personal responsibilities and church responsibilities, free time has been almost non-existent. One activity that has suffered the most is that of posting blogs. I am told that fewer and fewer people follow blogs in the “twitter” world in which we live. Even if I am only writing to record my thoughts for later reflection, I intend to blog on. God has been good to us this year even though our challenges have been many. Many friends have gone to be with the Lord this year. We will miss them until we see them again. Many others have come into the Kingdom of God. We exist as a church to the purpose of seeing His Kingdom increase.
I want to offer my prayer for all who read this that God will grant you deep and abiding peace in the midst of this troubled world and that you may have full confidence of your victory in Jesus in this season of the celebration of the coming of Christ. He has come, and He is coming again!

Dan Wooldridge


  1. Thanks pastor for continuing the blog, in our crazy/busy times. Just checking them out, at 5am, after listening again to your Jan.2018 sermon, Sunday morning sermons. Appreciate your statement Sunday, that “there are no throw away persons”, & that included apostle Paul, who said he was, past tense, chiefest of sinners, BC. God can forgive all sin, if we’ll confess Him, blessings, dw

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