May God’s grace and kindness overflow to each of you who read these words. I am thinking this evening of the countless ways God has blessed me through the years. Tomorrow there will be a guest in our services whom I met around twenty five years ago. He was in Kingsville for purposes of work for a short time. He visited our services though he was Mormon by background. He was very troubled in his personal life and seeking answers. By the grace of God he came at a time and place where a people were committed to share the love of Jesus with him. He received the Lord and was baptized and spent a good deal of time with me in meetings where he could be encouraged in his faith. Then he was gone. Several months ago I heard from him for the first time in decades. I remembered him well. He told me of his firm faith in Jesus and of his marriage to a Christian lady. Tomorrow he plans to introduce me to members of his extended family who live near us. By coming and entrusting his family to my care, he has blessed me this Christmas with a great gift. We who preach and witness need to be reminded from time to time that our work makes a lasting difference. Nothing encourages us to be alert and attentive more than to know that lives are changed through our service. This is visit and event will be a special Christmas blessing for me. This gives me renewed energy to receive the next person God places in my life in need of the Savior. Perhaps I will meet that next person tomorrow.

Dan Wooldridge

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